House of Mercy Band

Date: 2010

Catalog Number MR 025  

1. Trouble Coming
2. Home Sweet Home
3. Too Many Treasures
4. Lead Me On Home
5. I'm Going Down
6. Country Junkie, Country Girl
7. Ain't the Moon
8. Never Want You Back
9. Friend of Mine
10. Down The Old Hoedown
11. Oh When the Night
12. It's a 3 O'Clock
13. Third Rider
14. Blessing, Not A Curse
15. Carnival
16. Burn A Hole
17. Sinner Friend
18. I'm Running Wild (the Ninety and Nine)   

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House of Mercy Band: Collection

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            This is the definitive collection of the House of Mercy Band's recordings. This collection draws from the House of Mercy Band's seminal albums--"Satan and the Saint," "Too Many Treasures," "Hymns from the Church in St. Paul," "Blesses Curses" and "Left Behind." Powerful music and songwriting with rich, haunting harmonies.