Sophomore release now available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and other online streaming and purchasing platforms, and direct from the artists.


Wilkinson James is spearheaded by singer-songwriters Liz Wilkinson and AJ Scheiber, who have been developing their sound and collaborating with like-minded musicians around Minneapolis-St.Paul since 2008. Their first self-titled record, which dropped in early 2014, featured Liz and AJ’s engaging vocal exchanges, classic-feeling original songs, and backup by some of the hottest players in the Twin Cities area.

Wilkinson James’s self-titled first record, produced by Ben Kyle of Romantica, emphasized their singer-songwriter and honky-tonk roots, creating a sound that one fan described as “the bastard offspring of Townes Van Zandt and June Carter Cash.” Since then the band’s musical palette has expanded, as this new album shows. Abandon is a moody collection of original tunes that in a given moment might sound like folk, jazz, or alt-rock, as dobro, saxophone, and tremolo guitar wrap around rootsy vocals and care-worn lyrics.


1. Lizard Girl
2. Pennsylvania Turnpike
3. Myrtle Beach, 1985
4. Workin’ for the T.V.A.
5. No Exit
6. Last Dance of the Night
7. Baby You Ain’t No Santa Claus