"All the Way Wrong"

Date: 2003

Catalog Number: MR007

Track List:
1. Down at the Corner Bar
2. Good Country Song
3. Lying to Myself
4. Out of My Mind
5. Pour Me a Whiskey
6. Waltz in the Trailer (Instrumental)
7. He Will Take You Back Again
8. I'm Still Standing
9. Drunk with Love
10. Same Mistakes Again
11. Waltz in the Trailer
12. He Will Take You Back Again (Intrumental)
13. Down at the Corner Bar (Reprise)

Brett Larson: lead vocals and guitar strum
Kurt Stevenson: lead guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, drum, vocals
John Soshnik: guitar, bass, drum, barroom chorus
Mike "Razz" Russell: violin, mandolin, bass,vocals
Peter Karmen: lap steel, dobro, banjo, bass
Jon Rodine: piano, vocals
Erik Brandt: accordion, Wurlitzer, piano, vocals
Diane Bond Larson: vocals
Jacob Hyer: barroom chorus
Chris Larson: vocals

All songs written by Bret Larson except I'm Still Standing by Brett Larson & Pete Hedberg.

Produced by Peter Karmen & Rev. Russell.

Recorded at Big Pink House.

Brett Larson: All the Way Wrong

Listen: Down at the Corner Bar