Bird Songs (MR032) is a companion CD to the Rev. Debbie Blue's latest book Consider the Birds, A Provocative Guide to the Birds of the Bible. Featuring artists like Debbie's church's (House of Mercy) house band, the Blood Washed Band, the Roe Family Singers, John Hermanson (of Storyhill), Nashville's Kate Campbell and folk-blues troubadour Charlie Parr, this Americana collection paints a compelling and provocative backdrop for Blue's book.

Bird Songs brings together a diverse cast of musicians from different corners of the USA whose songs and performances set up a parallel narrative that complements and illuminates Blue's writings. That said, this collection of songs stands up proudly on its own and is ready to take flight. The collection ranges from the old-time country sound of "The Great Speckled Bird" to the folk-pop of "Awake" to the jazzy cover of "Early Bird." Tucked in-between these diverse styles is the gorgeous a cappella version of "His Eye Is on the Sparrow" that slows down and draws the listener in.

While some of the artists are House of Mercy Recordings regulars (Charlie Parr, Jon Rodine, Brett Larson, C.P. Larson, Molly Maher), this compilation brings some exciting new talent to the label that bodes well for future releases.

1. "The Great Speckled Bird" - Blood Washed Band
2. "Pigeon (on the white line)" – C.P. Larson of the House of Mercy Band
3. "Gray Highway" - The Roe Family Singers.
4. "His Eye Is on the Sparrow" – Angel Sanchez
5. "Early Bird" – The Neighborly Deeds
6. "Awake" – John Hermanson
7. "I'll Follow You" - Molly Maher & her Disbelievers
8. "Darkest Feathers" – Douglas Trail-Johnson
9. "Great Bird" – Brett Larson
10. "Lonesome Bird" – Jon Rodine
11. "Barnswallow" – Charlie Parr
12. "Rooster" - Dewi Sant
13. "Song of the Bird" – The Cactus Blossoms
14. "Hope's too Hard" - Kate Campbell
15. "Albatross" – The Neighborly Deeds

Available at the Electric Fetus and online at CDBaby:

Various Artists: Bird Songs