House of Mercy Band

"Blesses Curses"

Date: 2005

Catalog Number: MR015

Track List:
1. Home Sweet Home
2. Down the Old Hoedown
3. Big Old Bag of Bad
4. I’m Going Down
5. Blessing, Not a Curse
6. Wash Me Down
7. Lonesome Grove
8. Ain’t the Moon
9. Barb and Brad
10. Music in the Air
11. Carnival of Glass
12. Sweetest Boy
13. What Are You Trying to do to the Moon?
14. Rub Out
15. Dreams, Lies

Mark Anderson: Drums
C.P. Larson: Vocals, Guitar
Abigail Pelham: Vocals
Peter Rasmussen: Electric Guitar
Mike “Razz” Russell: Fiddle, Vocals
Mike Schultz: Bass Guitar
Doug Trail-Johnson: Mandolin, Vocals
Recorded by Peter Rasmussen
Graciously Mastered by Tom Herbers
Design and Letterpress printing by Sister Black Press

House of Mercy Band: Blesses Curses

Listen: Down the Old Hoedown