Duke Otherwise
"Creepy Crawly Love"

Date: January 2012

Catalog number: MR027

1. Brussel Sprout Shout!
2. Bananas?
3. Lonely King of the Jungle
4. My Uncle, the Ant
5. Creepy Crawly Love
6. How Do You Say "No" in Espanol?
7. I Used to Think
8. Hop Hop Flitter Flitter
9. Dog Without a Tail
10. Get Yer Fiddle Out
11. Monster Spray
12. Synonym for Cinnamon

Duke Otherwise: Creepy Crawly Love

Recorded at The Magic Mansion, Oconomowoc, WI
Engineered by Matt Spransy
Assistant Engineer on Creepy Crawly Love: Luke Steinke
Additional Recording by David Strahan
Mixed & Mastered by Matt Spransy
Produced by Noah Riemer and Matt Spransy, a Spasm Tyrant Production

All songs written by Noah Riemer ******BMI******* Trundling Tunes
Illustrations by: Miss Merry Childe
Layout & Design by: Steve James at Stream Creative