Matt Arthur

"On The Edge, At The Bottom"

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“Matt Arthur’s music calls out from another time — a time when Johnny Cash was singing to the prisoners, Gram Parsons was pushing a new generation towards country music, and a whole host of artists were trying to figure out how to make peace in a conflicted America and find peace in their conflicted hearts. Matt’s voice can cut through the energized cacophony of a Saturday night bar-room and the haze of a Sunday morning hangover. His songs bring understanding and mercy — whether or not you’re inspired to get up, wash your face, and put on your cleanest dirty shirt; fall back into bed; or head back to the bar, this is the right record for the occasion.”

- The Reverend Russell Rathbun


January 2018

1. Brighter Tomorrow
2. Stop By Here
3. I'm A Believer
4. On the Edge, At The Bottom
5. Lonesome Valley
6. Poor Boy Special
7. I'll Be Ready
8. Because He Lives
9. God Will Take Care Of You
10. Leave It There
11. Soon My Work Will All Be Done

Recorded at Summer Winter Studios, St. Paul, MN by Levi Stugelmeyer.
Produced by Jeremy Szopinski and Matt Arthur