"Voice: Songs for Those Who Are Silenced"


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Using only their voice, the most basic means, these musicians contribute to this compilation of songs to bring to light the most basic needs of children and adolescents trapped in the vice of sex trafficking here in Minnesota. Artists include:
Haley Bonar, Dessa, Holly Hansen, Charlie Parr, Carrie Rodriguez & Luke Jacobs, John Hermanson, The Ericksons, We Are The Willows, Robert Robinson, Reina del Cid, Joey Verskotzi, Jon Rodine, The Prairie Fire Lady Choir, Shá  Cage and Jayanthi Kyle, The House Of Mercy Band, Angel with Angie, Chris Koza and Ben Weaver.

1. Birds Are Always - Haley Bonar
2. By The Waters of Minnetonka - Chris Koza
3. Poor Atlas - Dessa
4. Night Turns - Holly Hansen
5. Calling Your Name - John Hermansen
6. Honey Lamb - We are the Willows
7. Diamond Ring - Joey Verskotzi
8. Kindness (Cypress Tree) - Reina del Cid with Toni Lindgren
9. Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray - Robert Robinson
10. One Heart - The Ericksons
11. This Old Building is Leanin' - Charlie Parr with Hattie Peterson
12. Running Wild - House of Mercy Band
13. It's Not the Spotlight - Jon Rodine
14. Over These Hills - Ben Weaver
15. Where No One Stands Alone - Angie Talle and Angel Sanchez
16. The Blackest Crow - Carrie Rodriguez and Luke Jacobs
17. Not For Sale - Mama Mosaic: Shá Cage and Jayanthi Kyle
18. We Can Be - Prairie Fire Lady Choir

Various Artists: Voice