Matt Arthur
"On The Edge, At The Bottom"

Ang and the Ranch Hands
"She Needs a Reason to be Free"

Bob Douglas
"Just Tunes"

John Hermanson

Wilkinson James

Devil Music
"Devil Music"
Beehives and Bedbugs
Duke Otherwise
"Beehives and Bedbugs"
Christopher Becknell
Christopher Becknell
"Just Beyond the River"
HoMR Sampler
One Of These Roads
Brett Larson
"One of These Roads
Heaven Send Us Better Times
Roe Family Singers
"Heaven Send
Us Better Times"
"Bird Songs"
Driftin Along
Blood Washed Band
"Driftin' Along"
Charlie Parr - 1922
Charlie Parr
Tim O'Reagan
Tim O'Reagan
The Long Winter
Erik Brandt
"The Long Winter"

Duke Otherwise
"Creepy Crawly Love"
Charlie Parr
Charlie Parr
"Keep Your Hands on the Plow"
Glory In the Meeting House
Charlie Parr
"Glory In the Meeting House"
HOMB Collection
House of Mercy Band
Erik Brandt

Various Artists
"Youngster Parade"

Urban Hillbilly Quartet
"Bring in the Sails"

House of Mercy Band
"Left Behind"

Molly Maher
"Balms of Gilead"
Get Up Johns
The Get Up Johns
"Trouble in Mind"

Erik Brandt
"Green Eyed Alone"
Blood of the Faithful
Brett Larson
"Blood of the Faithful"

House of Mercy Band
"Blesses Curses"

Lonesome Dan Kase
"Leave Here

David Hanners
"Nothing Town"
Political Manifest
The Creekdippers
"Political Manifest"

Pocahontas County
"Everybody Stumbles"
 Jon Rodine
Jon Rodine

"Songs of Mercy"

Brett Larson
"All the Way Wrong"

House of Mercy Band
"Hymns from the
Church in St. Paul"

The Baptism River Ramblers
"Bring Me a Little Water"

House of Mercy Band
"Too Many Treasures"

"It's a House of Mercy

House of Mercy Band
"Satan and the Saint"

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Matt Arthur - Live at the Hook and Ladder